Aluminium Windows

AIE Accredited Aluminium Window Services

AIE is a quality standards company that evaluates and accredits window service businesses. We offer this service so you may have access to credible service providers for your domestic or business properties. We aim to build a large network of high-quality window service professionals and take away the hassle of looking for trustworthy window businesses.

Our Aluminium Window Evaluation Process

AIE recommended window services are subjected to a comprehensive vetting process, to ensure they pass quality standards accepted by the industry. In addition to work excellence and good customer service, we encourage our listed businesses to practice transparent pricing.

Our Aluminium service providers must also pass a series of interviews and customer reviews to be endorsed as reliable businesses on our web directory. By doing this, we guarantee consumers quality aluminium windows and services.

Aluminium Window Services

Why Aluminium Windows?

Architects and builders prefer aluminium windows because of its numerous benefits to construction.

  • Thermal performance
  • High performance aluminium windows meet and exceed energy efficiency requirements. Aluminium windows and doors can easily prevent heat loss and gain through windows by 59.9%, proving a suitable alternative to the costlier timber and uPVC equivalents.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Aluminium windows save enough energy to reduce carbon footprint for homes with electrical heating units, especially where they are double-glazed.

  • Durability and Low Maintenance
  • Aluminium is corrosion resistant and hence provides low maintenance requirements. It is also resistant to weathering in harsh climatic conditions.

There are other factors such as affordability and design flexibility which make it an attractive component for window making.

We have top quality window-makers listed in our directory, who offer delicate designs and accents with aluminium finishing.

Aluminium Window Installations

New home builders and business owners stand to gain significantly from using aluminium windows on their property. Besides the attractive design, think about the amount of money you can save on reduced utility costs and low maintenance. Discuss your home window requirements with a window service professional today.

Glazing options for your Aluminium Windows

Increase the thermal efficiency of your existing aluminium windows by double glazing them. AIE lists scores of professionals who can perform this service at an affordable cost.

By double glazing your windows, you are securing your home for a more comfortable winter. Double glazed windows have been proven to reduce draughts by over 50%. If you run a business, your operational costs will be substantially reduced when you install double-glazed aluminium windows.

Sound Proofing your Aluminium Windows

Did you know you could cut noise sifting into your home by soundproofing your aluminium windows? If you are constantly overwhelmed by traffic noise or the busy street, you can resolve this by having your windows treated to block out noise.

This service and a lot more is available on our site through verified window service providers.

Selecting your Aluminium Window Service Provider

Take some time to study the options before you, and shortlist prospective service providers for your building.

  • Refer to our membership profile page.
  • Customer ratings and review.

You are also entitled to an obligation-free quote from each service provider.

Call an aluminium window expert from our trusted providers today.