Concrete, Steel & Glass The Luxury Modern Home

    Whether you are on the market or just looking for inspiration, many of us can spend countless hours exploring luxury home online. By doing this we can get our creative minds racing on what is possible and gain a clear vision on our aspirations.

    In this article, we take a look at three materials that are increasingly being used in the design and build of modern luxury homes: concrete, steel & glass.

    Luxury Homes

    Let’s start by first defining what we mean when we talk about a ‘luxury home’.

    By its typical definition, a luxury home is one of the top 10% valued homes in any given area. This may conjure images of grand palaces, sprawling buildings or super-glitzy penthouse apartments.

    But when you assess the criteria of luxury, you can argue a very different point of view…

    “Luxury; great comfort, especially as provided by expensive and beautiful things” – Cambridge Dictionary

    A luxury home should be a home that drastically increases your comfort and quality of life. Although some elements could indeed be expensive, moreover they should offer beauty in the eye of the owner.

    So what makes a modern luxury home and how does concrete, steel and glass fit into that?

    Sustainability & Durability

    In modern times, as awareness of our impact on the environment grows, so too does the trend for creating homes that are sustainable and have a minimum impact on the environment throughout their lifecycle.

    To meet strict targets, concrete producers are continuing to employ more sustainable methods of production. This has led to concrete has become a key element in modern luxurious homes.

    The longevity that concrete offers, especially when combined with a steel mesh, means that replacement and repairs are rarely required over a long period, making concrete a popular material from a sustainability point of view.


    Homes that take advantage of natural light are considered more valuable than those that don't. This goes to show that in modern times, light is an important element in creating a luxurious environment.

    The extensive use of windows offers you the opportunity to flood an area with light, often making them look much larger, airy and more inviting. This can be done by combining Velux roof windows that capture direct sunlight and bring it into the room with floor to ceiling windows for maximum light.

    Quality windows also offer additional benefit in sustainability from an energy conversation point of view.

    Embracing Your Surroundings

    Using floor to ceiling windows can also offer more when creating a luxury home. These windows can often be opened or slide out of the way, opening the property up to stunning views or lovely gardens.

    Even when closed, these large windows can make a space feel considerably larger as it draws your eye out to the outdoor landscape. Once open, it can practically feel like your garden is part of the building, creating an incredibly spacious feel.


    The 1920s saw concrete shoot up in popularity due to thought-leading architects such as Le Corbusier and Mies Van der Rohe. This popularity is now returning in the creation of modern luxury homes.

    Concrete allows luxury home builders to create shapes, forms and patterns that are not usually achievable with alternative building materials, such as tantalising curves and long, sleek lines.

    Steel is also an increasingly popular material in luxurious modern homes. Due to its strength and durability, steel provides the structure need to create beautiful, bright, mostly glass building.

    Modern luxury isn’t just about spending as much as you can. Building or buying your perfect luxury home is all about creating something that meets your values and helps you live a better quality of life.

    With this in mind, it is unsurprising that concrete, steel and glass all play a big role in creating luxury modern homes which meet all requirements.

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