From Windows to Lights Eco Construction Technology for New Build Homes: Great for Rentals

    Eco-friendliness is almost never on the mind of landlords in the rental niche. The market is booming so the general feeling is “build it and they will come”. However, that is a dangerous approach to take in the present day.

    Firstly, more people are becoming aware of their responsibilities towards the environment. Eco-friendliness is no longer a fancy term thrown about by hipsters. At a time when more millennials (a demographic at the forefront of championing eco-friendliness), are renting more than buying, landlords serious about remaining relevant in the current clime must adopt eco-friendly approaches to home constructions. Here are top ways to achieve this.

    Double or Triple Glazed Windows

    Many landlords still make the mistake of deploying single glazed windows across their rental property, and this is a costly one. Apart from turning away ecologically conscious tenants, single glazed windows will not retain insulation. With double or triple glazed windows, you can improve insulation, keep out draughts and improve the energy rating of your home. Fortunately, there are many options available these days. Whether you are going for wooden sash windows or uPVC on your new home, you can improve the energy efficiency of the property by going with double glazed windows at the very least.

    Window Treatments

    Other treatments can be used to improve the energy performance of windows. Some of these include the use of quality shutters, energy efficient window frames, black out curtains and smart curtains. Additionally “low-emission coating” can be utilised for homes in colder climes to ensure that heat from the exterior is kept out. A combination of all or some of these window treatments can go help cut down energy wastage, painting a cost-saving picture for prospective tenants.

    Solar Roofing

    Solar energy gets some flak for the cost of the equipment and the aesthetic appeal, but all of that has changed in recent times. Photovoltaic tiles as they are called can now be designed to blend into the appearance and structure of your property. “Costs are nearly 100 times lower than they were in the early days of solar roofing making it a viable option for more landlords,” says Richard Morrison at Turbo Tap. “The clean energy generated pays for itself over a short period. With the right installation, solar roof tiles can completely power the day to day running of the home.”

    For landlords, the reduction in monthly energy prices allows higher rent than the average and present day renters will be more than happy to pay the price as it allows them to save money while contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.

    Home Automation

    It is catching on slowly, but landlords that have embraced home automation are at a significant advantage with modern day tenants. People living in automated homes can save as much as 50% on the average home energy costs. Smart features deployed in homes today can significantly reduce wasted energy in the following ways:

    • Ensuring that lights only come on when needed
    • Turning on heating or cooling at the appropriate time
    • Monitoring of water wastage as a result of leaks
    • Notifications on unattended appliances (ovens, fridge)

    With smart automation, therefore, you can cut down on energy wastage while demonstrating eco-friendliness to potential tenants.

    Eco-construction technologies are no longer a “nice to have”. Landlords can earn a bit more on rents and reduce downtimes on rental properties by attracting ecologically conscious people. The number of people in this bracket keeps growing on a daily basis.

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