How to secure the windows in your home

    Home security is a protection measure that should never be taken for granted, yet so many people treat it lightly— until something goes wrong. One of the lapses in home security that many homeowners are guilty of is the security of their windows.

    Windows are usually easily breakable and thus provide easy access for intruders, which is why homeowners must ensure that their windows are not an easy target. Accomplish this by putting in place any or all of the following:

    1. Install window drapes or shades

    Most criminals prefer it when their job is made easy, and one way to do this is to provide them with a full view of your home. If you have drapes or shades over your windows, a potential intruder will not be able to peek into your home and decide if your place is worth breaking into or not. This lack of information is likely to drive a potential intruder elsewhere. Beyond that, drapes, curtains, and shades provide your home with more privacy by shielding you from stalkers, Peeping Toms, or just nosy neighbors.

    2. Place thorny plants under windows

    Another way to bar trespassers from looking into your home is to have thorny shrubbery planted directly under your windows. Due to fear of injury, intruders will re-think using your home’s windows from the outside to either try to look or break in.

    3. Install safety or privacy film

    Burglars prefer windows because they are much easier to force open or break through than doors. To deter a burglar, you can make the glass of your window harder to break. This can be done by using tempered glass or polycarbonate replacements placed over your window frames. A cheaper way to do this is to install safety film, which will not render your windows totally shatterproof, but it will stop a burglar’s attempted entry long enough for them to consider finding an easier target.

    4. Install window bars

    Homeowners are more likely to forget to lock a window than they are to lock doors, probably because there are so many more windows on a home. You can reduce the risk brought on by neglecting to lock a window by installing iron bars over them. If bars are in place, regardless if a window is open or closed, no one can get through because it would be too tight of a squeeze for the burglars. Window bars make some people nervous, and many think they make the house look and feel like a prison. Luckily, this can be ameliorated by installing beautiful decorative window bars instead of oppressive, prison-like ones.

    5. Change to small-paned windows

    If installing iron bars is a complete no-no for you, consider switching to small pane windows. Because of the dividers between them, burglars will have a hard time climbing into your home even if they break the glass. Unless they break the sturdy divider as well, they won’t be able to squeeze in.

    6. Install window sensors

    At little cost, you can install contact sensors on all your windows. This will set off an alarm in the event of anyone fiddling with your windows or breaking any of them. There are even certain window sensors that will immediately contact authorities when triggered by motion, but the alarm going off once a window is disturbed is usually enough to panic a would-be burglar and scare them away.

    7. Replacing window locks

    Switching your old window locks for much sturdier ones is a good idea if you want to keep your home safe. Old clasp locks can be easily opened with a flat object inserted through a seam in the window frame. Keyed window locks are a good option because of the greater security they offer.

    On a final note, while securing your home’s windows, be careful not to install a window or security feature that will be a source of discomfort. According to Zbranek& Holt Custom Homes, who build homes in Austin, “Texas is a hot place, and while we want the homes we build to be safe, we don’t want the windows and their design to make the homeowners nervous, paranoid, or distressed.” Remember to strike a balance between safety and comfort when it comes to your window security.

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