Beautify your home with nature’s own wooden windows

    These days, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which kind of material to use for our window frames. From the traditional timber and sash windows to aluminium, fibreglass and vinyl windows, the list of possible options can be tempting and even confusing to select from.

    But there is one thing about wood that stands out. Wood is the original and oldest material used for window frames – wood has been used for door and window frames for thousands of years, and still remains the most common option in many parts of the world. Wood gives your home a solid and classic traditional outlook.

    Obviously, there are new framing materials such as steel and aluminium, which have their unique advantages, but here are some reasons why you should consider sticking with traditional timber windows.

    Exquisite finish

    Your home should be beautiful and unique. The outlook of your home matters a lot to you and you want it to appear in the best light possible. Nothing rivals the stunning look of a well-crafted wooden window.

    When working on wood, you have flexible options to choose from. There are hardwoods and softwoods you can select from, such as iroko, mahogany and maple. You can choose to design and paint it in whatever way you want it to fit the overall design of your home. Wood is organic and breathes life into an environment. Every timber is truly unique, which can’t normally be said about man0made materials.

    Environmental friendliness

    The public clamour is to go green. There is general encouragement everywhere in the world to choose eco-friendly products to combat the threats posed by climate change and global warming. Nothing does that better than the natural timber frame. Wood is natural and green. It is a renewable and recyclable resource and it is also sustainable.

    Wood has a negative global warming potential (GWP) which means that it reduces the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. Unlike other materials such as uPVC which is capable of emitting poisonous gases into our atmosphere during manufacture, wood is completely safe.

    Enduring frame

    Unlike some other window materials, wood lasts a long time. On average, wooden windows can last up to 60 years if properly maintained. Capable of resisting the problems, such as rust, that beset other materials, wood is able to offer adequate protection and shelter from adverse weather for a lifetime. Treated wood does not easily expand or contract so you won’t have to worry about the structural integrity of your window.

    Since wood can be painted and stained, it helps to keep the wood in good condition and protect it from moisture, which may lead to damage to the frame. This means that you get more value as you are able to change and remodel your home at any time while reducing window maintenance costs.

    Natural insulator

    Wood, apart from being eco-friendly in manufacture, is also remarkably energy efficient. As a natural insulator, it helps to retain heat in your house. This keeps it warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

    Lower cost in the long run

    One major reason why people opt for synthetic materials is the relatively low cost. Wood can be more expensive when you consider the direct cost in comparison to aluminium or uPVC, but once you factor in the longevity of wood as an advantage over other materials, you will realize that you could get value for money choosing wood for your windows.

    Despite the degree of innovation and advancement, wood remains a classic choice for your windows.

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