Five Questions To Consider When Choosing Windows

    Windows play a pivotal role in ensuring home safety. They are one of the few home features that provide your property with security while adding aesthetic value. When installing windows, there is a general distinction between buying new windows or replacement windows. The term ‘new windows’, refers to a case where the size or shape of your current window opening or space needs to be altered, for a new set of windows. ‘Replacement windows’ have to do with installing windows that already fit your current window opening or space.

    Whether you’re setting up your new home or simply doing some renovation, there are a few things to watch out for and questions to ask yourself, so that you get the best possible value for your money.

    Which Style of Windows Do You Need?

    There are four main styles of windows to consider. These are Casement Windows, Single or Double Hung Windows, Awning Windows and Slider Windows. Casement Windows usually consist of a single sash that is vertically hinged and swings outward when open. Single or Double Hung Windows open by sliding up, and they close by sliding down. If it’s the double hung style, it opens either way. Awning Windows are hinged at the top and open outwards. Slider Windows, are just like the name suggests.

    Does it Complement Your Home’s Architectural Style?

    Some houses may be built to suit a particular theme. For example, houses built in a very modern or contemporary style with a lot of angular designs should have windows that complement this theme. These are likely to have a lot of steel, chrome and metallic structures. Windows that suit such houses include floor to ceiling windows that let in a lot of light; normally not suitable for period homes.

    What Purpose Do the Windows Serve?

    The windows you purchase depend on which part of the house you plan to install them and what purpose they serve. In living rooms, windows should let in sufficient light and provide good ventilation. In bathrooms, Awning Windows are commonly used as they do not open all the way or expose too much of the interior, which is good for privacy.

    Are the Windows of Good Quality?

    You need to be sure that you’re getting good quality in return for the amount of money you’re spending. The windows you purchase should be able to last for several years and also have a warranty from the manufacturer. This will help you to save costs and ensure that you receive good value for your money.

    Which Window Contractor is Suitable?

    After considering all the questions above and noting your answers, you need to find the right company to handle your project. This can be a bit challenging because of the sheer number of companies out there, which offer the same services. However, we can recommend the right window contractor to suit whatever requirements you may have such as cost, time-frame, reliability, etc.

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