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AIE Accredited Doors and Window Services

AIE is a company that inspects and endorses window service experts for quality, so that you don’t have to worry about their authenticity or competence when you hire them. Our objective is to grow a robust network of reputable window service professionals, guaranteed to offer quality services at affordable prices.

Our Doors and Windows Services Endorsement Process

Our endorsement process consists of various stages of check-ups, interviews and investigations into window service companies to determine if they meet the top quality standards. We pay regular visits to the prospective endorsee as part of our endorsement process.

AIE studies their business structure, quality of materials, staff proficiency and equipment used for production. From the results obtained, we decide whether or not the company is qualified for endorsement on our website.

Doors and windows produced by our listed members must be rated A++ standards.

The Art of Windows

New building, replacing or remodelling? We have experts on our site that will help you create and set apart your bungalow or house’s main elemental designs; whether it is a bold statement, custom vinyl windows, or stylish door accents. The outcome will be re-designed for beauty, energy efficiency, and built to withstand our harshest UK climate changes.

You can find a wide selection of window and doors designs from services on our site. Here are a few:

  • Awning Windows
  • These windows are hinged at the top and pushed open outwards from the bottom. They draw in the wind from both left and right angles and are commonly used above, below or beside stationary windows. They are a perfect fit for placement above the kitchen counter or sink.

  • Bow and Bay Windows
  • These are formed from a combination of three or more angled windows projecting outside the home in a stylish design. These scenic combinations can provide space, increased ventilation and lighting to a room, including an added personality for any cottage or home.

The Expression of Doors

Excite your senses. Introduce your home or office with spectacular architecture, and distinctive functionality. Do you want a simple or lavish entrance? Gain access to patios with novel options of style and substance such as sliding glass doors or multi-panel bi-fold doors.

Get these and much more by scouting through various professional door services on AIE.

  • Bi-folding Doors
  • Bi-folding doors are designed to augment your indoor and outdoor living comfort. Built to fold away and stack against the side walls. These doors are more popular among property owners and interior designers because of their ability to significantly expand living spaces.

  • Lift and Slide
  • These are sliding doors that have been designed to slide very large panels with a highly engineered system. They can also handle very large openings with very few panels. Consider these for your new home or your next major remodelling project.

Selecting your Window and Door Service Provider

With AIE, you have a number of fully insured, full vetted professionals offering both high quality services and affordable pricing. If you want to ensure that you are making the right decision, here are a few tips:

  • Use our detailed membership profile pages
  • Read the customer ratings and reviews
  • Compare free quotes from companies on your shortlist
  • Speak to providers, and choose who you are most comfortable with.

Contact a window professional on our site for more information, or for guidance call us on phoneXXX.