Sash Windows

AIE Trusted Sash Window Services

AIE is a vetting company that verifies and recommends trusted window service businesses to consumers in the UK. This helps them have access to high-quality window services for their personal or commercial projects.

AIE Sash Window Verification Process

Before we recommend any window service on our website, we go through a rigorous series of vetting processes to ensure they are up to the quality standards we advocate. They must also adhere strictly to industry standards. In addition to work excellence and great customer service, we make sure they stick to fair pricing methods.

AIE member service professionals must successfully pass our interviews and customer reviews to be recommended on our site. These verification activities ensure site visitors receive durable sash window services and work satisfaction.

Sash Window Services

At AIE, we encourage our professionals to provide high-quality sash windows befitting of modern standards. Sash windows add style and comfort to the home when built in the right specifications.

On our professional network you will find service such as fitting in new sash windows, recycling box frames to avoid outright replacements, sash window repairs and draught-proofing.

  • Draught Proof Sash Window Services
  • To improve your existing box sash window’s functionality, energy efficiency and security, draught proof and servicing is a great way to start. Draught proofing is essential to the staff and opening beads that keep the window in place. A properly draught-proofed window will reduce heat lost to the outside by 94 – 98% and immediately improves the level of comfort.

    On our website, we have a good number of trusted businesses that offer draught-proofing services for your sash windows.

  • Double Glazed Sash Windows
  • Double glazed sash windows can be installed to appear traditional and retain the benefits of a modern window. Besides being able to save energy, a double glazed sash window can rid nearly all condensation.

    On AIE, you can find a crop of capable specialists trained in the art of joinery, painting, glazing and installation. With their wealth of experience, they can offer you high quality and affordable solutions for double glazing or installing new sash windows. Other similar sash window upgrades are available on the business profile.

  • Upcycle and Recycle Sash Windows
  • Refurbish your current sash windows and frames without completely replacing them. This is usually a highly sought service for our member professionals. You can choose to upgrade your existing sash windows to double glazed ones. This replacement saves you significant sums of money, instead of getting new ones.

    Most of our experts usually begin with a survey to determine the extent of damage to your existing sash windows. If the problem is a minor one, an upgrade is advisable. However, severely damaged sash windows will eventually have to be replaced.

Choosing a Business Tailored to your Needs

There are different ways to determine which window service is best suited for your requirements. One good place to start is our member profile. It contains detailed information about each service, including location for those closest to you.

Another useful source is the customer reviews and ratings. You can also make a shortlist of potential companies and request a quote.

Give us a call on phoneXXX if you need further advice on a suitable business choice.