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These days businesses offering the window services keep springing up. Many windows service providers jostle for the limited customers available. Consumers trust AIE Windows to be the online business directory to provide information on different windows companies offering affordable, quality services. As AIE, we are always looking for reliable service providers to list on our website. Take advantage of this opportunity by submitting your website to be listed on our directory. Once included, your business starts growing by getting the sales attention it deserves.


  • Increased search engine optimization value for your site and also free referral traffic.
  • Enhancement of free relevant backlinks for your web pages.
  • Increased sales leads.
  • Higher search engine page rank and unique visitors.
  • High industry exposure.
  • Brand enhancement
  • Business upport and networking.

How to submit your website or business for Listing in our Directory

Our cutting edge digital platform utilizes responsive designs to ensure customers can find you through all types of devices, as well as conventional desktop browsers. In order for you to submit your site to our directory, you will be required to fill in a form providing all the required information, including:

  • Opening and closing times
  • Payment methods
  • Locations
  • Maps
  • directions
  • Links for your webpages

This information will then be verified by our team to check your suitability for inclusion. There will then be further vetting to ensure we make available the best possible business information to our users.

Remember to Choose the Category Your Services Fall Into

One key step during site submission is choosing the right categorIES your business falls into. This is important so as to maintain the directory’s integrity. It is also to ensure your profiles are viewed by the clients who need your services.

Time for Your Business to Feature

Normally, it takes about two to three business days for us to upload your site after it has passed the required verification tests. But, sometimes it may take longer. If this happens to you don’t despair, it might be due to the fact that we need further clarification, or your submission falls on the busy days.

We will inform you if your site fails the test and cannot be included.

Cost of Listing on AIE Windows Directory

Our charges are absolutely free.

For business owners:

To submit a site comes at no cost.

For customers:

Contacting and requesting a quote from these service providers are totally free.

Our team at AIE Windows is dedicated and they work hard to provide a high level of service and information to our users. We have daily-updated industry news, tips and guides for your information.

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If you are looking for companies that specialize in providing windows services, or you need a boost for your business presence in your location, all you need do is just log onto our website and get started. Submit your site for listing and start enjoying the benefits of increased business exposure our trusted directory has to offer.