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AIE Approved UPVC Window Services

At AIE, we vet window-making companies in the UK to ensure that consumers have access to quality windows. We list these trusted window makers on our site to connect them with consumers in need of authentic window services. Our Vetting Process for UPVC Window Makers

We have a strict standards policy at AIE, and we put window-making businesses through continuous, tests to check their credibility. Our tests cover product quality (A++ ratings for the windows), equipment used, industry best practices and compliance with health and safety regulations.

Our vetting team tests staff for proficiency and product knowledge. In some cases, we contact previous clients to determine their satisfaction with the service received. At AIE, we aim to connect people with the right window service and improve their overall service experience.

UPVC Window Makers on AIE

UPVC is short for un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride. It may also be referred to as rigid UPVC. UPVC is so hard and safe, it is used as a component in dental retainers and mouth-guards.

The use of UPVC in building materials, especially for window making, is as a result of its rigidity and durability. It is also one of the lowest maintenance materials with a high resistance to harsh weather conditions.

UPVC Window Installations

Our member professionals offer quality UPVC window installations. If you are working on a new build project or currently renovating your home, consider the lasting qualities of an UPVC aluminium window. They make your building more wear-and-tear resistant, and save you money on subsequent renovations.

UPVC Aluminium Window Repairs

When carrying out an UPVC aluminium window repair, all defective parts are removed. 92% of the time, the window does not require a replacement; a quick solution is to repair the damaged areas. A simple maintenance can also restore the window to working condition. After maintenance, the window is restored to full functionality.

We also make sure the UPVC window technicians we recommend, use superior quality specialists. Here at AIE, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

UPVC Patio Window Repairs

Most patio windows are made with UPVC. Sometimes, the hinges or door handles can fail, twist or break. Home break-ins can also result in a broken patio door which is easily fixed by stand-by professionals.

Whether you have a draughty or stiff patio window, you will find experts on our site who can repair them at affordable rates.

At AIE, we believe in delivering excellent service with superior materials which are guaranteed to last.

Choosing the Right Service for your Needs

We assure you of a wide range of professional window services, wherever you are located in the UK.

In order to make an informed decision, you can choose a particular service through the following ways:

Using our members’ profile page- this page contains their location, detailed service offering and warranty.

  • Checking customer reviews and ratings.
  • You can also obtain obligation-free quotes from our site.

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