Velux Windows

Velux Windows Trusted Companies

Looking for window companies in your area should be a simple, quick, and uncomplicated task. With AIE, that is exactly what your experience will be when you want to find quality Velux Windows, window companies. Whether you are searching according to price, popularity or location, you can easily find options and narrow down your choices with AIE’s directory of window companies.

The companies on our list are vetted carefully to ensure their suitability and trustworthiness. Their products and services are thoroughly reviewed. Customers on the market for Velux Windows can be sure that these companies have a good reputation in the industry for reliability and good customer service.

The Velux Windows Services

Here are the various Velux Windows services that are offered to customers:

Window Installation

Purchasing that flat roof window for your dream home is only the first step. For you to fully enjoy having one in your home, your Velux Windows, electrics and accessories should be installed properly by skilled and competent Velux Certified Installers.


Velux Windows are exposed to direct sunlight as well as high humidity, especially if it is situated in the bathroom or the kitchen. In locations that experience heavy snowfall, accumulation of snow and ice can also take its toll. Therefore, regular maintenance, every two years, is necessary in order to avoid leaks, draught, condensation and other problems.


While regular cleaning of the pane, air filters and other Velux Windows components can be a DIY job, households or buildings with several of these windows installed would need professional assistance, especially homemakers who have no cleaning time to spare.


Broken or scratched panes, broken remote controls, and damaged electrical components are just some of the issues that can come up before the scheduled maintenance period for your Velux Windows. Repair work should be undertaken by Velux Certified technicians and engineers.

Windows Replacement

While Velux Windows are made of durable materials, there will come a time when the panes, vent bars, blinds, handles, and frames have to be replaced.

How to Choose Crystal Velux Windows Companies

Prepare a shortlist

As there are quite a number of Velux Windows companies in the directory, you have to make a shortlist. Reviews left by previous customers will greatly help with this. Make a note of complaints if there are any, as well as how the company responded to customer complaints. After choosing companies with good feedback, you proceed by going through their profiles.

Request a velux windows quote

Aside from providing a list of their services, credentials and qualifications on their profiles, companies also include either an email address or a customer service hotline, or both. Ask for a quote from the companies on your shortlist through any of these channels.

Request a consultation

Velux windows companies also have service experts who provide consultation over the phone and in person, so take advantage of this after you have received a price quotation. This is your chance to ask in detail about what you need to be done and how they will do the job, whether it is installation, maintenance, or repair of your Velux Windows. So, make your call today.