Windows Units

AIE Trusted Window Services

At AIE, we provide consumers with comprehensively vetted window services so that they don’t have to be concerned about the credibility of their service provider. We aim to furnish our directory with a list of experienced and highly qualified window professionals for individuals and businesses looking to connect with them.

Our Window Units Endorsement Procedures

Before we endorse any service for our directory, we pay regular visits to their establishment for thorough check-ups. They must be eligible for membership by satisfying all conditions necessary. This includes quality of materials used for window design and production, equipment, staff competency, qualifications, health and safety regulations.

Working with glass and precision materials is a high-risk job and we make sure members comply with all safety standards.

We take customer service seriously, so we conduct satisfaction tests by interviewing the technicians and customers involved. Window units must pass A++ efficiency ratings.

Window Unit Services

Windows are important to every building; they not only provide beauty to the structure, they enhance ventilation across the rooms and hallways. At AIE, we pride ourselves in having some of the best window design and production companies on our directory.

  • Window Unit Installations
  • Get your new home modern-designed window units with classical, minimalist features, to enhance its beauty. Our listed members have high quality designs to add to the character of any building.

    Many households currently undergoing renovations and repairs rely on our directory for energy efficient window units.

  • Double Glazing Window Units
  • If you are currently dissatisfied with the thermal quality of your single glazed windows, you can correct it by simply double glazing your windows. Double glazing adds an extra layer of insulation to your windows. The technicians fill the space between panes with either normal air or special heavy gases. This action automatically cuts heat loss by half while providing the same level of light penetration as single glazed window units. Your energy bills will become less expensive.

  • Upgrading Window Units
  • We can do more than double glaze your window units. AIE identifies professionals who are capable of updating your existing windows to meet current standards. This may involve trickle ventilation, updating standard hinges to fire egress, security enhanced models; or transforming your windows to eco-friendly units.

  • Sound Proofing Window Units
  • If your home or office is situated in the city centre, chances are you may be overwhelmed with noise from time to time. Get in touch with our listed sound proofing window technicians. When you upgrade your windows, you reduce noise pollution and sleep more comfortably at night.

  • Tinting Window Units
  • In warmer weather, when the sun is more prevalent, you may find sun glares uncomfortable for your home, conservatory or workplace.

    Contact window experts on our site to install tint films to protect you from direct sunlight and your furniture from fading.

Choosing a Suitable Service for your Window Needs

To guide your choice, when going through our directory, you can refer to:

  • Our membership profile page.
  • Customer reviews and ratings.

Draw up a shortlist of likely services and look through details such as proximity, service offerings, warranties and prices. They are all fully insured, and offer free window unit quotations.

Start browsing the trusted window unit supply and installation providers that we have sourced for you today.