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We welcome quality, unbiased submissions on our website. As a leading provider of guidance on windows companies, windows work and general building works, AIE Windows aims to provide valuable information to consumers on home improvement and maintenance.

You can establish yourself as a genuine authority on home improvement by writing for our blog which is read by thousands of consumers across the UK.

Guidelines for Writing for AIE Windows

  • Value -
  • Every piece must provide information that will help our consumers in windows works or general home improvement. If you are sharing opinions or experiences, they should be a valuable part of a comprehensive piece that will make our readers more knowledgeable after reading it.

  • Detail -
  • AIE Windows is very particular about detail. We only accept pieces that achieve what they set out to do. Therefore, every piece must have the length and information necessary to provide in-depth, authoritative insight on the topic being discussed.

    We encourage illustrative photos to demonstrate or prove points.

  • Actionable Information -
  • The information you provide must be such that can be put into practice. We want to provide our readers with real value and that’s what every piece should do.

  • Relevance -
  • As much as possible, we want our pieces to remain relevant to readers for a long time to come, such that any reader that comes across an AIE Windows article, receives value no matter how long ago the article was submitted.

Articles You Can Write On

  • Guidance
  • AIE Widows aims to be a place where readers across the UK go to obtain top-quality, valuable guidance on windows works and home improvement.

    We welcome expert, step-by-step guidance on general repair, maintenance and installation work in UK homes. Every guidance article must contain safe methods and practices that are backed by the relevant regulation bodies.

  • Advice
  • AIE Windows is keen on helping consumers get the best out of their windows and homes. We welcome valuable advice on such important issues as energy efficiency and insulation, product purchasing and general practices that will keep readers safe, improve the home and save costs while maintaining top quality.

    Advice should be clear, actionable and safe.

  • Ispiration
  • If you are a home improvement enthusiast with great ideas about how to make homes look and perform better, we welcome your valuable submissions.

    Whatever topic you are writing on, the aim should be to add value to homes and not to try things out for the sake of it.

  • Solutions
  • We welcome detailed, safe and actionable solutions to common problems faced by customers on windows works and general home improvement.

    Solutions must be of expert advice and should aim to address every possible angle of a given problem. All solutions offered must conform to relevant safety regulations.

    Originality with AIE Windows

    We encourage originality and are strictly against plagiarism. Please ensure that you cite any sources you are quoting.

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    You can pitch ideas to us for approval or submit already written articles. We will let you know in a very short time if your article will be published, if there are any changes to be made or if the article is not in line with our requirements.

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